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The Icebreaker Series

A workshop series that celebrates works in progress from up-and-coming artists. The Collective presents work that spans the far reaches of storytelling through theatre and music while commenting on the human experience.

The Attic Series

 A production workshop series that centers imaginative play and different types of storytelling within a production. Led by PTC artists Christina Rose Ashby and Thomas Burns Scully, this series pushes the realm of theatrical possibility through text, song, music, dance, dynamic movement, and puppetry. Through months-long rehearsals and multiple workshop performances, The Attic Series explores literature, imagination, and emotions that were once gathering dust in the attic of memory.

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Theatre On The Rocks

This new series within PTC will feature fully produced new works by early-career playwrights. Through this series, we aim to tell stories that are rooted in the ensemble and that value honest communication and empathy for the human condition. Our belief is that there is more than one way to tell a story and we are dedicated to breaking ground to find new ways to keep theatre innovative and accessible.

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