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Permafrost Theatre Collective, takes Are You Alice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! In this bold reimagining, every actor in the all female/non-cis cast plays Alice at one point or other in the story. Built around repurposed passages from Lewis Carrolls classic stories, Are You Alice: A New Wonderland Tale asks questions of identity, womanhood, and self-acceptance in a world which constantly redraws the lines and rewrites the rules. Iconic images such as The Jabberwocky, The Mad Hatters Tea Party, and The Queen of Hearts are brought to life using original music, dance, puppetry, and more in this multidisciplinary production. More obscure passages also find their way into the fray, such as the Walrus and the Carpenter, and the Song of the White Knight, all of them used to create a universal Alice for the 21st Century.

This production is the fourth round of development for the show, having first been showcased at Alchemical Theatre Lab, then as part of the Rising Sun Performance Company’s new works development residency on Governors Island, and most recently in partnership with The Chameleon Fools Theatre Troupe at The Tank in New York City. Audiences of all ages have left delighted and invigorated by this familiar, yet unfamiliar narrative.

Are You Alice: A New Wonderland Tale runs 60 minutes with no intermission.

Marth Brown, Amelia Cain, Jo Cutrona, Shelley Franklin, Kayla Prestel, Charlotte Vaughn Raines, Samantha E. Turlington